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AskAnExpert is a new way of connecting with shoppers.

We bring the sales expert to the shopper


AskAnExpert LLC is the only retail technology company that allows brands and retailers to bring highly skilled and educated 'live' sales agents directly to the shoppers at the point of purchase via their smart phones. No App. No Download. 

Allowing the shopper to get the answers and assistance they want, from a live and trained sales expert, to help them make the best possible purchase decision.  

Our experts are trained on both the in-store and online assortments, and will help the shopper make the best decision based on their individual needs.   Our agents can share content such a images, videos, web pages directly to the shopper screen - all while continuing the conversation.  

We stay on brand, and within the retailers environment.   Our experts are trained on how to share rating & reviews, and perform price comparisons and communicate the retailer price match guarantees - without ever leaving the conversation with the shopper.  And when necessary, our experts will share discounts and offers to help save the sale.   

What we believe

We believe that nothing works better than a live, person-to-person interaction when it comes to building trust, feeling heard, and influencing a purchase decisions.  Hearing a live voice, seeing a smile, and looking into someone's eyes while speaking to them is being thrown aside in the search for cost savings and efficiencies.  At AskAnExpert LLC, we believe you can have the best of both worlds.  We can deliver up to 70% cost savings over traditional instore sales assist programs, and still give the shopper the live connection they desire.  

Technology is advancing fast in the retail environment.  We believe that millions of people have become comfortable with making live video calls with people they know, and are becoming increasingly comfortable making video call to service providers they might not know (Doctors, Accountants, etc..).  We believe video calls are not the future, they are the present, and that some retail stores, and their shoppers, are desperately in need of this technology.    

We believe that the lines between the physical store and the virtual store are blurring, and the main tool in crossing that line is the mobile phone.  We also know that shoppers want to be in control of their purchase decision, and they leverage their smartphones throughout the entire process.  We believe that smartphone technology, and cellular connections will continue to advance, fast!  The phone is the omni-channel gateway, and AskAnExpert will be the shoppers guide.

We also know that the US population is aging, and older tech shopper heavily value the face to face help that many retailers are abandoning.   We believe that apps, beacons, QR codes, AI and BOTS are not what this generation is looking for.  We have made the process so that if you know how to send a text message - then you can connect to our experts.  That's it.  It's that simple.    

Lastly, we believe that brands and retailers intrinsically know a good idea when they see one, and that moving fast is fundamental in retail.

AskanExpert LLC is the only provider connecting shoppers with the live expert help they need, easily and quickly via their smart phones.  All while they are standing at the shelf making the decision. 

Call us today, and lets change retail together.  



Immediate Connect


Connect your shoppers to an expert sales associate in less that 10 seconds via their smart phones.  No application, no downloads. Increase average selling price, omni-channel sales and basket.

App Integration


Enhance your app, and increase app usage by offering one touch live sales assistance.  Delight your shoppers with personalized assistance.

Ecommerce Integration


Integrate click to chat, or live video sales assistance into product detail pages for increased conversion, and increased basket sales.